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WHAT'S NEW?  (2/26/2004)

NEW TEXTURE PACKAGES:  2/26/04:  These textures were originally made in June, 1998, in 2 sizes only (128x128 and 256x256). I'm now in the process of making them available in additional sizes, and will soon post links to the new packages. Below, you'll already find a link to one of the new sets, 40x40 in size.


CLICK THE THUMBNAILS:  Did you try clicking on the texture thumbnails in the gallery? There are 120 individual pages that you can browse, showing each texture as a seamless background on its own page.

THE GALLERIES:  The 120 textures are divided into 6 galleries of 20 each, or you can view them all in a single gallery by clicking on "All" (400k+). It does help to be able to see them all on the same page.


TEXTURE MAKER:  The textures in the Texture Gallery were originally created in June, 1998, with a program called Teralogic Texture Maker (by Tobias Reichert), which has since undergone 6 years of evolution. To learn about the new Texture Maker, and to download a 30-day demo, just visit the official site at:

DOWNLOADING THE TEXTURES:  At this time the textures are available in 3 separate zipped files.  Click the following links to download each set of textures in JPG format:

Download the 128x128 set (02/26/04 - 408 KB).
Download the 256x256 set (02/26/04 - 1.00 MB).

POST-PROCESSING:  It should also be noted that some of these textures have been "post-processed" in other image editing programs. This could include adjustments in hue, brightness or contrast, or even a bit of rotation. Some were also re-cropped or rotated to improve their appearance when tiled. But most of the images are presented just as TeraLogic saved them, much to the program's credit.


AS WEB PAGE BACKGROUNDS:  These textures can be used as seamless backgrounds for your web pages, but they were not created with that in mind. Normally web page backgrounds are very low in contrast, and either very dark or very light. Otherwise the text on the pages is difficult to read. There are ways to get around this problem by using tables and graphics, but in general it's usually a mistake to use high-contrast backgrounds like the ones in the Texture Gallery.

For that reason, you may want to adjust a texture's contrast and brightness in your graphics editing program before using it as a web page background.

AS TEXTURE/BUMP MAPS FOR 3D PROJECTS:  This was their intended use. Try importing them into Bryce or another 3D program as textures for your 3D model's materials. You'll be amazed! Some of the renderings in the Bryce 3D Gallery use this technique, such as Mirage.

AS 3D GRAYSCALE-TO-HEIGHT TERRRAIN MAPS:  Bryce 3D can use the grayscale values of an image to shape the contours of a terrain. The same image can then also be used as a texture for the terrain (as in the previous paragraph). Examples of this technique are The Road to Rainbow Forest and Snow Roots, although these renderings used imported fractal images rather than texture images for the terrains.

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