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Animation - Reflections Within (80x80)

Animation - Reflections Within (120x120)

Animation - Reflections Within (240x240)

Reflections Within

SOFTWARE: Bryce 3D Rev 3.1, Corel Photo-Paint 8
RENDER TIME: About 8 hours (1024x768, 300MHz PII)

DESCRIPTION: Another attempt to keep things simple and within Bryce. The inner sphere is a mirror, looking back out in our direction. So what you're seeing on the inner sphere is actually a reflection of the inside of the stone casing. To make things clearer, I made a second rendering from a different angle (the next image), and also an animation of it spinning, available in 3 sizes. Be sure to check them out (top of page)!

TECHNICAL: Done entirely in Bryce 3D (Rev 3.1), using only Bryce primitives. There are only 4 spheres, 1 cube, and a black ground plane. The sun is the only light source. No imported objects or terrains, so the source file is only a dinky 71K.

ABOUT THE RENDERING: The original rendering was made at 1024x768 (72 dpi), then cropped to 768x768, resampled and converted in PhotoPaint 8 to produce the smaller 480x480 and 600x600 JPG versions.

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