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Animation - Reflections Within (80x80)

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Animation - Reflections Within (240x240)

Reflections Within 2

SOFTWARE: Bryce 3D Rev 3.1, Corel Photo-Paint 8
RENDER TIME: About 8 hours (1024x768, 300MHz PII)

DESCRIPTION: Here's another view of the previous image, rotated, and with the sun to the left this time. Following is the same description as before, so you can move on now if you've already read it:

Another attempt to keep things simple and within Bryce. The inner sphere is a mirror, looking back out in our direction. So what you're seeing on the inner sphere is actually a reflection of the inside of the stone casing. To make things clearer, I made a second rendering from a different angle (the next image), and also an animation of it spinning, available in 3 sizes. Be sure to check them out (top of page)!

TECHNICAL: Done entirely in Bryce 3D (Rev 3.1), using only Bryce primitives. There are only 4 spheres, 1 cube, and a black ground plane. The sun is the only light source. No imported objects or terrains, so the source file is only a dinky 71K.

ABOUT THE RENDERING: The original rendering was made at 1024x768 (72 dpi), then cropped to 768x768, resampled and converted in PhotoPaint 8 to produce the smaller 480x480 and 600x600 JPG versions.

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