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Heart of Stone

SOFTWARE: Pure Bryce 3D Rev 3.1 (signature added in Photo-Paint 8)
RENDER TIME: 8 Hrs. 8 Min. (1024x768, 72dpi, 300MHz PII)
RENDER TIME: 120 Hrs. 6 Min. (3840x2880, 120 dpi, 300MHz PII)

DESCRIPTION: In case you missed it, this was chosen as Metacreations' Image Of The Day (IOTD) for January 31, 1999. Thanks, MC, for both the nod and the software, and the incredible flow of visitors who stopped by here as a result!

This was originally intended to be the head of a wizard's staff, but it ended up floating in water... as do so many things in Bryce. The 'eggs' were just spheres dropped into the scene in order to test different materials together under various lighting conditions, but I left them in because their softness was a pleasing contrast to the stone and diamond materials. This was my first image with Bryce after the 3.1 patch came out (and after a 4-month moratorium while waiting for it). It was also an attempt to see what could be done with simple elements, hopefully avoiding the longer development times of complicated scenes with imported models.

TECHNICAL: Done entirely in Bryce 3D (Rev 3.1), using only Bryce primitives. There are 6 spheres, 4 tori, 2 cubes, and of course, a big slab of water ('Black Lagoon' material). There are also 2 radial lights within the globe (which uses the 'Diamond' material). The stone arches ('Cracked Clay Pot' material) are actually 2 intersecting boolean objects (the 'Picture Frame' preset), consisting of 2 tori and 1 cube each. Since there are no imported objects or terrains, the source file is only a tiny 96K. Interestingly, the 'eggs' are perfectly round spheres. Their elongated look is produced by the camera's wide Field of View (135 degrees).

You can see a smaller 640x480 version by clicking the button at the top of this page. There are also two 1024x768 versions available. The first image is a JPG with a compression level of 20 (on a scale of 100), which has a few minor perturbations of color as a result of the compression. That file is only 142k, and can be viewed here. A much better quality version (also 1024x768) is also available, with ZERO compression. It's a big 540k, but the quality is very close to the original BMP file, and worth the download time. Your choice.

ABOUT THE RENDERING: The original rendering used to make these JPGs was made at 1024x768 (72 dpi), then resampled and converted in Corel PhotoPaint 8 to produce the smaller 640x480 and 800x600 JPG versions available here. Recently I re-processed them due to the picture's popularity, enhancing the sharpness (in some areas only) of the reduced versions.

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