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Dragon's Breath

SOFTWARE: TieraZon2 v0.5, Corel Photo-Paint 8
Render Time: About 1 hour (1600x1600, 300MHz PII)

DESCRIPTION: If you've been following along, you already know what this is. If not, you can see where it came from by looking at the previous image. It's square to make it easier to import into Bryce's Terrain Editor, which uses a square format. This fractal does make a nice terrain in Bryce, but as of this writing those renderings aren't ready for posting.

ABOUT THE RENDERING: The original rendering was made at 1600x1600 (72 dpi), then resampled and converted in Corel Photo-Paint 8 to produce the smaller 640x640 and 800x800 JPG versions. The background was also darkened in Photo-Paint.

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