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Dragonfly (In Progress)

SOFTWARE: Bryce 3D 3.1, Corel Dream3D 8
Render Time: Not recorded

DESCRIPTION: Another quickie, just for demonstration purposes. I dropped the dragonfly into a scene being created for a completely different project, and then enlarged the dragonfly way out of proportion to the rest of the scene. It was made to show Forrest Mitchell what I had done with his original scan of a dragonfly's wings. So please forgive the glaring but intentional error in scaling, and instead just check out the cool shadows cast by those wings! More information about the dragonfly will be posted soon, as time permits.

ABOUT THE RENDERING: The original rendering was made at 1024x768 (72 dpi), then resampled and converted in Corel PhotoPaint 8 to produce the smaller 640x480 and 800x600 JPG versions.

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