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WHAT'S NEW?  (3/1/2004)

NEW TEXTURE PACKAGES:  The textures in the Texture Gallery were originally made in June, 1998, in 2 sizes only (128x128 and 256x256). I'm now in the process of making them available in additional sizes, and will soon post links here to the new packages.


DOWNLOAD TEXTURES:  At this time the Galactic Worlds textures (see the Texture Gallery) are available in two separate zipped files (JPG format):

Download the 128x128 set  (02/26/04 - 408 KB).
Download the 256x256 set  (02/26/04 - 1.00 MB).

The textures were created in June, 1998, with a program called Teralogic Texture Maker (by Tobias Reichert), which has since undergone 6 years of evolution. To learn about the new Texture Maker, and to download a 30-day demo, just visit the official site at:

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