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WHAT IS BRYCE?  (Updated 3/3/04)

BRYCE 3D was the name for version 3 of the 3D modeling, rendering and animation program, made famous by Metacreations, and currently published by Corel as Bryce 5. It was originally written for the Mac and later became available for Windows.

LANDSCAPES AND MORE:  Bryce is known primarily as a landscape-oriented program, and it certainly is that. But it is also a fantastic tool for generating space scenes, indoor scenes, and even abstract or surrealistic art, the stuff of dreams. Although it's fun and challenging to attempt photo-realistic scenes with Bryce, my own efforts will probably lean toward fantasy and surrealism as time goes on...


IT WAS MADE WITH MAGIC. Bryce was obviously created by powerful wizards, not ordinary humans. A thousand words couldn't begin to convey the feeling you'll have when you see Bryce render your first images, or when you first discover the cool user interface and features. So, just download the demo and see for yourself!


I first heard about Bryce around 1996 (?), when the Answer Guys featured it on the Discovery Channel. But it was only available for the Mac, and I sadly resigned myself to a life without it. Then in January '98 I learned it was available for Windows, and immediately bought it along with Poser 2.

What followed was an intensely creative period filled with both excitement at Bryce's potential, and frustration with its infamous bugs. Yep, I slowly began to realize that Bryce 3D was sick, and eventually stopped using it for any large-scale projects, waiting for the promised patch to come out. Instead I concentrated on learning how to use some of its more sophisticated features. Metacreations finally came through in July '98, and now Bryce 3D works like a charm, with some great new features as well. The Rev 3.1 patch is available on the Metacreations site.

Even though there are only a few images now in the Bryce Gallery, more should follow soon. Altogether there are 155 projects in my Bryce folder (as of Oct '98), many of which were complex scenes that had to be abandoned when they eventually "exploded" or otherwise self-destructed in Bryce 3.0 (the Dragonfly was one such project). Now those scenes can be finished, so stayed tuned...


Bryce enthusiasts may recognize the gray "chipped stone" texture on the Galactic Worlds site (the menu background). It's a version of the Bryce 3D preset material, "Moon Craters", modified in Bryce's Deep Texture Editor. In fact, it was inspired by the stone-textured background of the Deep Texture Editor. The fine sculpted look of the Bryce 3D interface and its sophisticated use of color are some of the things that make the program such a pleasure to use.

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