What's New? 

July 14, 2003  This is version 4 of the GW site.  It was finished last year on May 31, 2002 (and later abandoned in favor of the quicker version 5).  I'm resurrecting it now because the art galleries are much more extensive than in the old version 3 site.  A great deal of work went into creating the galleries and preparing the artwork and thumbnails, so even though this version only works in Internet Explorer (and the graphics are too muted for many monitors), I decided to post the site once again.

Please enjoy the galleries. They're not perfect yet, but are fairly intelligent and automated.  I'll explain more later... for now just want to get this posted.  A suggestion... try setting the Critters to "Auto".


Galactic Critters L.A. Fortunato has created a charming collection of li'l Critters for Galactic Worlds.  If you have the Flash 5 plugin installed, you can see them by choosing a Critter name from the menu to the left, or you can click on the word Auto in the menu for a timed Critter show.  The Critters will appear randomly on your screen every 30 seconds or so.
New Automated 
Art Galleries 
Our new galleries include artwork by Peter St.Clair, L.A. Fortunato, and Garland Hopkins.  Please refer to other locations on this site for more information about ASP Wads, and be sure to stop by our FORUM as well.