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Poser & DAZ Studio  
Poser & DAZ Studio Gallery.   Created in August, 2005 to accomodate new Poser and DAZ Studio renderings.  The images here will eventually incorporate many of the Carrera 3D models and Bryce scenes that I've worked on over the years, and many new props as well.
Galactic Worlds v3 Galleries.   Includes the original Bryce (and other) Galleries, from 1997 on.  Many more recent Bryce images will soon be available in the new gallery format.  Meanwhile, if you're using MS Internet Explorer on a fast computer, please visit the v4 galleries, below.
Galactic Worlds v4 Galleries.   (IE only!)  This was an experimental site intended to take advantage of MS Internet Explorer's unique features.  It's a slow site, due to heavily nested tables and tons of Javascript, so please be patient while it thinks.  (Be sure to check out the "Critters".)
Textures Gallery.   120 free seamless textures, again from the old Galactic Worlds site.  The gallery thumbnails are 128x128 pixels, while the pages they link to use the 256x256 size as a seamless background.  (There should be a zipped file of them all somewhere around here...)
Fractals Gallery.   A limited sampling of old fractals.  I've done a great deal of fractal work since, but haven't made a 2D gallery for them yet.  However, you can see many of them in the Bryce Galleries, where they have been used as 3D terrains.
NOTE:  These images are best viewed in 32-bit color, with room lights dimmed.
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